Skills and Talent Initiative

What will the Skills and Talent initiative do?

  • Ensure that the current and future workforce has the necessary skills to deliver the City Deal proposals 
  • To develop and deliver skills and training aligned to the needs of the City Deal proposals including:

      - Apprenticeships

      - Under/postgraduate expansion
      - Further / Higher education
      - Continuing professional development
      - Apprenticeships
      - Sector specific facilities
      - Schools engagement
      - Careers engagement with young people


How will the Skills and Talent initiative do this?

The Skills and Talent initiative will work with the City Deal projects to identify the specific skills that are needed to support the region. Working with public and private sector training providers, the project will develop and deliver courses, apprenticeships, expand under / postgraduate provision as well as engage with schools to ensure that local people are able to benefit from local employment opportunities.