Pembroke Dock Marine


What will the Pembroke Dock Marine project do?

  • Generate a world class energy base in the region
  • Accelerate development in marine energy technology
  • Improve the capacity and capability in wave, tidal and wider offshore renewables engineering in the region
  • Maximise the natural assets of the region to produce environmental and economic benefits
  • Attract continued investment to the region
  • Make marine energy more reliable and cost-effective



How will Pembroke Dock Marine project do this?

The Pembroke Dock Marine project will regenerate an area of Pembroke Dock to create a dedicated site which will be used as a base by marine energy developers to progress their devices from an idea to a commercial product. The site will allow developers to test, manufacture and maintain offshore renewable energy devices and will be supported by the development of:

  • A Marine Energy Test Area (META) - a series of areas along the waterway where developers can test devices at an early stage of development
  • The Pembrokeshire Wave Energy Demonstration Zone - a large offshore wave energy site which can be used by developers to test more developed devices in open sea conditions
  • The Marine Energy Engineering Centre of Excellence (MEECE) - to coordinate and share knowledge, resource, experience and capacity between existing and future developers