Life Science and Well-being Village

What will the Life Science and Well-being Village do?

  • Create a physical village providing facilities and services which promote and improve well-being
  • Integrate business development, education, healthcare, leisure, tourism, wellness support and research in life-sciences in one location
  • Deliver transformational social and economic benefits



How will the Village project do this?

The Life Science and Well-being village will be a physical development in Llanelli. The village will include;

  • An institute of life science providing space for research and development into new medical devices and healthcare technologies. The institute will also offer large office, laboratory and clinical space for growing and new regional companies as well as opportunities for business start-ups
  • A wellness hub which will include a leisure centre, outdoor sports facilities, recreation opportunities and well-being promotion activities
  • A variety of high quality flats and houses available on the open market as well as assisted living, a care home and dedicated  housing for people with cognitive impairment or in medical rehabilitation
  • A life science and well-being Centre where a range of wellness services from health, public, private and third sectors will be available in one location. The centre will also include training opportunities which will be developed to meet skills shortages
  • A high end Hotel offering a range of relaxation opportunities to improve wellness