Factory of the Future

What will the Factory of the Future project do?

  • Create new jobs in advanced manufacturing
  • Help local businesses to get the most out of advances in digital technology
  • Create faster, more flexible and more efficient processes
  • Increase regional and company competitiveness
  • Support local manufacturing business to reduce the productivity gap



How will the Factory of the Future project do this?

The Factory of the Future project will establish an academic research hub which will provide technology solutions for manufacturing businesses. The project will also establish four physical spokes in Pembroke, Carmarthen, Neath and Port Talbot, each linking in with research facilities in Swansea university.

These facilities will:

use state of the art equipment and bring together experts from engineering, IT, economics and management

Improve and increase the use of data and technology to react immediately to changes in demands. This is also known as Smart Manufacturing