Our public sector partners are implementing a large-scale programme of service transformation – improving the customer experience, streamlining processes, and making better use of digital, data and technology. Critical to the successful delivery of their digital transformation agenda is the region’s digital infrastructure. Connected Places will facilitate and invest in the provision of gigabit capable connectivity and associated infrastructure to key strategic sites and economic growth zones across the region.

We recognise this investment will only be effective if our residents and businesses are not left behind on this journey. Providing better broadband for everyone and creating a digitally inclusive landscape are part of our programme’s aspirations. This means – better connected communities and businesses, improved digital skills and literacy, and affordable access to the internet.

We have recently appointed a team of digital champions in each local authority. Our Next Generation Infrastructure Managers work with suppliers to support them with their commercial rollout, addressing any barriers and acting as a single point of contact to liaise with key departments such as highways, planning etc. Our Support and Engagement Officers are on hand to support communities and businesses to access better broadband through voucher schemes and other interventions.

The key objectives of Connected Places are:

Ensuring our key economic growth zones have excellent connectivity will attract a digital workforce, increase employment opportunities, drive innovation, act as a catalyst for new business and start-ups and increase productivity, which is projected to have a direct benefit of more than £200 million in the region.

If you’d like to know more about this investment and how we can work together, please get in touch. – digital@swanseabaycitydeal.wales.